About us

Siempré means Forever 

Our Philosophy:

To create hand-made luxury products with modern minimalist designs that are made to stand the test of time and age and improve, uniquely, and beautifully, like you.

Our Story: 

The JJ Siempre story begins with a partnership between two Entrepreneurs based on two very different sides of world connected via the internet and a shared passion for helping other people increase the quality of their lives.

We know the hustle is real and what it takes to reach the top of the game whether or not you were born into privilege or you had to work your way up.

It is a competitive world and it will bring you down on your knees if you don't keep your hustle on! So why not hustle in style!

We decided to create the products that we wanted, for ourselves, to begin with. So we understand they may not be for everybody.

messenger bag

But if you are anything like us, who embraces the 'hustle in style' lifestyle, the craftsmanship of handmade leather goods and appreciates classy, long lasting products - then we are for you!